Gorges du Verdon – Provence

Brigitte Massage

During the day you can find me in our organic store, La Maison Bio, in the center of Castellane.
For an appointment, you can contact me at the store or by phone on 0033 (0) 6 38 42 20 44.

Do you want to surprise someone with a gift voucher for a massage? Buy it at La Maison Bio, 46 rue National, 04120 Castellane.

The An Shen is a relaxing massage based on deep pressures on the key points of the meridians in order to harmonize energies and rebalance the organs.
In case of small transient weakness or mood disorder this massage will help to eliminate tension and reduce fear, anger, anxiety or sadness.

Massage An Shen – 60 min – € 60,00
Massage An Shen – 90 min – € 90,00

Deep tissue massage is a technique practiced with a certain intensity in order to release the deepest tensions.
Deep tissue massage consists in undoing the adhesions that exist between the different layers of muscles and fascia, which are the source of pain and mobility restrictions.

Deep tissue massage – 60 min – € 60,00

Prenatal massage is the perfect way to help a woman feel more comfortable with changes in her body. Various complaints that arise during pregnancy can be greatly reduced by prenatal massage.

Prenatal massage – 60 min – € 60,00

The Goddess massage reconnects you to your sensations, reconnects you to all parts of your body, helps you to become aware of your sensations and circulates your energies.

Goddess massage (for women) – 120 min – € 130,00

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.