Do you love to savour the atmosphere of a charming local market ? Or do you like to rummage among stalls with local products ? Well, than Castellane has a thing or two to offer.

All year long, each wednesday and saturday from 8:00 am till 1:00 pm, it is possible to visit Castellane’s weekly market.

During the season you can even visit some additional theme related markets.


Castellane is perfect for a number of hiking tours, a true hiker’s paradise.

The Sentier Martel for example is a very well know tour in the region of the Gorges du Verdon. It’s a 14 km walk via steep steps, dark tunnels and steep rocks that will take you 6 to 7 hours.
You can choose from about 15 hiking tours, all available in PDF.

It is also possible to go on a guided tour, we will gladly provide you with all information.

Motorbike tours

We developped a number of motorbike tours for you leading to the Côte d’Azur, the lavander fields or the High Alps.

Recreational aquatic sports

Do you love to kayak, to pedalo, to surf, to catamaran or simply to swim?
Then choose a vacation in Castellane and relax by the shores of the Lac de Castillion or the Lac de Sainte Croix. Enjoy a day of sun, water and sports to your heart’s content.

Wild water sports

In and around Castellane you will find some twenty agencies specialised in wild water sports such as canyoning, rafting and kayak.

Mountainbiking and cycling

Near Castellane it is possible to rent a mountain bike or a bicycle, provided that you pay a deposit.

It is also possible of course to bring your own mountain bike or bike to explore the Gorges du Verdon, climb the Alpine passes -the Cime de la Bonette a.o.- to take a ride around one of the lakes or to ride one of the many mountain bike trails.

Horse back riding

If you love horse back riding Castellane is the perfect spot to go for magnificent walks to discover the Provence and her ever changing landscapes. Suited as well for beginners as for more experienced riders.

Mountain climbing

Mountain climbing has always exerted an irresistible attraction on lots of people.

At Castellane it is possible both by beginners and advanced climbers to enjoy this sport, under guidance of well trained guides and in the safest possible way.

Would you like to plan a day of rock climbing in the Gorges du Verdon with friends of family? Visit the Gorges du Verdon, the Gorges de Daluis or the Gorges de Cians !

Bungee jumping

Looking for a tremendous kick?

Near Castellane on different locations you will find your big high.
Jump into the depths from a bridge of your choosing: the Pont de la Mariée which has a depth of 80m or go directly for the big stuff and jump off the Pont de l’Arturby, the highest bridge in Europe with its 182m !


Have you ever looked up at the sky and the clouds and wondered how it would be up there? Have you ever looked down from a heigth or a moutaintop and wondered how it would be to fly over the valley?

Paragliding is without any doubt one of the most accessible ways to fly. It’s a fast growing aviation sport that offers many a wonderful gift: the possibility to freely fly oneself … a childhood dream to many, realised by only a few.

During your holiday at Maison Castellane you will be able to realise your dream and to paraglide. You can do this in the best possible conditions, from te age of 4, solo or as a couple, with the entire family or a group of friends.

Experience all this in the protected nature of the Haute Provence, in the heart of the regional park of the Verdon and the Mercantour. Discover from the air chamois, deer, the golden eagle and the vultures.

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